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CCARMA - Universitatea Babes-Bolyai
str. Universitatii, nr. 7-9
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Calculatoare și tehnologia informației


Trade the beach for an office this summer. Push yourself to 56 days of mad growth with Around25. Apply for the web internship.

Eight weeks. Six mentors. Three interns. Why on earth would you trade the sunny beach for an office? This is why.


We’ll guide you to complete your own project – backend to frontend – and get comfortable building all the components for it. This way, you’ll get the fullstack mindset which goes even beyond coding.

OWNERSHIP. We provide you the context, the mentorship and the knowledge. It’s up to you how you run the show.  

FUN. That’s right. Who ever said that hard work needs to compromise fun? No one said it better than our last year’s interns: “it was gruesomely awesome” “No regrets” & “It’s seriously a lot more fun than you’d expect.”

YOU. Let’s take the time to know each other because it’s equally important that you click with us on a personal level. You get to eat with us, debate with us, have fun with us and get to the nitty-gritty aspects of developer life.

Convinced to kickstart your career upcoming summer? Jump on board!

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STEP 2 : send your resume until MAY 30th at: