Junior PHP Developer - Drupal

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Str. Eroilor, 14-16, Cluj-Napoca 400129

Informatii despre locul de munca

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Calculatoare și tehnologia informației


You will be part of a dynamic company, working on fast paced projects with cutting edge technologies. The role involves both independent work and working as a part of a collocated / distributed team, handling multiple tasks across the SDLC. A strong English mastery is required.

  • Understand project and development plans and clearly articulate roles, project goals and timelines
  • Adhere to team working standards
  • Accurately employ established tools and suggest responsible deadlines and personal work plan
  • Troubleshoot and work on issues in coordination with the team and the Project Manager
  • Help the Project Manager understand the requirements

About You

     Technical Requirements:

  • Passionate about Web Development
  • Good object oriented knowledge is a plus
  • REST / SOAP architectures knowledge is a plus
  • Keep up to date with the latest technologies and integrate them in the development process
  • Maintain existing codebase, solve bugs, perform refactoring and add new features
  • Create and maintain documentation as required

Non-Technical Requirements:

  • Good level of spoken/written english
  • Attitude
  • Desire for fast learning
  • Desire to pursue a career in the industry
  • Technical/IT appetite and skill set

What We Offer

  • Challenging, exciting and fun working environment
  • Solid Benefits Packages (premium health insurance, sports perks etc)
  • Modern Workspace
  • Great Central Office Locations
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Flexible Vacation Times
  • Team Outings
  • Recreational Facilities (providing free massages, bean bags, gaming consoles etc)

About Lola Tech

Lola Tech is a pioneering European-based software developer leading the field in travel technology innovation.  With big-name clients across the world, we help travel and tourism business become more competitive with stronger, more scalable systems, ground-breaking interfaces and unique products.

Travel is in our blood. We love to travel and we love that our technologies assist millions of people each year to explore the world for work and pleasure.  Our talented team is adept at creating awesome systems and products to increase your uptime, conversion rates or provide you with that innovative edge to outshine out the competition.

We specialise in bespoke open-source e-commerce solutions for the Enterprise.  We offer architectural, business analysis, software development, continuous integration/quality assurance, deployment and 24x7 NOC services.

Putting the user first.  We are 100% user centric in our approach. Whether it’s guests, passengers, crew or team members, our products & solutions aren't just business requirements built in isolation. Our creations are are built with our client’s wants and needs in mind, putting YOU at the forefront.  We pride ourselves in our ability to integrate with our client teams.  We all need to pull together and work for the product, not for each other, that way everyone wins.

We are revolutionising the way the travel industry does business.  With our unquenchable passion and expert technical skills we are masters in creating ground-breaking, innovative systems and products.  Our latest offering, Dazzle, an in-room concierge using voice AI, recently won a Marriott Hotels accelerator programme, leading to industry wide recognition.